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Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Gift to You

(Channeled by Source)

My Gift To You...
You are my Sun and You Are my Moon.
For you, my Heart will Ever Swoon.
You are the Day and You are the Night,
You are the Miraculous Beauty as Birds Take Flight.
You are the Wind Beneath My Wings,
You are the Song as the Breeze Flows Through The Trees.

You are my Smile,
You are my Tears
You are my Light,
You are my Fears.

In Love with the World I've Created Within You.
... Staring at a mirror to realize, I Am YOU. 

All is not Lost. You are Here. I Am HERE. Letting Go of All Fear and my Tears, to Realize you were always Near. 
There is NOTHING Left to Seek. 
We are.... The Great Here I Am. 

Here I Am! Here I Am! I can Finally See! Here I Am! I Will Always Love You. 

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