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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Letting Go Of The Past

Things came full circle to me today begining with a Youtube video by Teal Swan titled "Meaning...The Self Destruct Button" and ending with a conversation with a long time friend. You can view her video here https://youtu.be/Qfuwz5kK99I The video is about assigning meaning to your life experiences. We assign a negative experience to a trauma for example, and the rest of our life we seek out and assign that same meaning to our experiences in order to strengthen our belief and perceived perception. Like a force of momentum that turns into a powerful current, one simple experience can affect us for a lifetime. It can be our driving power of self destruction, self hate or it can drive us to create beauty and love that no other has every known. Teal talks about our perception as lense. We can chose a lense with a meaning that is disempowers us or we can chose a lense with a meaning empowers OR we can chose no meaning and simply experience. Neither choice is right or wrong. All is is for the greater good and growth of One. My eyes opened today and for once I feel free as I severe myself from my past. No longer to I have to make choices based on past experience or overthink things to exhaustion. I can breath. I can let go for once and experience the world in the present moment. Tears roll from my eyes as I realize the cage I had locked myself in all this time. Every moment, every second, is MY choice. How do you chose to experience the world today?

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