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Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Gift to You

(Channeled by Source)

My Gift To You...
You are my Sun and You Are my Moon.
For you, my Heart will Ever Swoon.
You are the Day and You are the Night,
You are the Miraculous Beauty as Birds Take Flight.
You are the Wind Beneath My Wings,
You are the Song as the Breeze Flows Through The Trees.

You are my Smile,
You are my Tears
You are my Light,
You are my Fears.

In Love with the World I've Created Within You.
... Staring at a mirror to realize, I Am YOU. 

All is not Lost. You are Here. I Am HERE. Letting Go of All Fear and my Tears, to Realize you were always Near. 
There is NOTHING Left to Seek. 
We are.... The Great Here I Am. 

Here I Am! Here I Am! I can Finally See! Here I Am! I Will Always Love You. 

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Letting Go Of The Past

Things came full circle to me today begining with a Youtube video by Teal Swan titled "Meaning...The Self Destruct Button" and ending with a conversation with a long time friend. You can view her video here https://youtu.be/Qfuwz5kK99I The video is about assigning meaning to your life experiences. We assign a negative experience to a trauma for example, and the rest of our life we seek out and assign that same meaning to our experiences in order to strengthen our belief and perceived perception. Like a force of momentum that turns into a powerful current, one simple experience can affect us for a lifetime. It can be our driving power of self destruction, self hate or it can drive us to create beauty and love that no other has every known. Teal talks about our perception as lense. We can chose a lense with a meaning that is disempowers us or we can chose a lense with a meaning empowers OR we can chose no meaning and simply experience. Neither choice is right or wrong. All is is for the greater good and growth of One. My eyes opened today and for once I feel free as I severe myself from my past. No longer to I have to make choices based on past experience or overthink things to exhaustion. I can breath. I can let go for once and experience the world in the present moment. Tears roll from my eyes as I realize the cage I had locked myself in all this time. Every moment, every second, is MY choice. How do you chose to experience the world today?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Indiegogo Campain

A line of events inspired me to start my own Indiegogo fundraiser campaign. The first being the viral Potato Salad campaign on Kickstarter.  Potato salad? Really?!! But then a good friend of mine started talking about HIS campaign on Indiegogo for a platform that supports the kindness movement and raises funds for grassroot projects & charities. You can find his campaign here : ARK : Changing the World Through Kindness
 Really awesome!


Anyhow, it got my wheels turning. MAYBE I.... could make a campaign or two! Eventually I want to make a campaign to help lift off my art business, but I thought I'd start with a smaller campaign to help generate new art supplies; including: oil paints, supplies to make my own canvas, and paint brushes. 

My goal is to raise the quality of the material I use, so that I can start displaying my artwork in higher caliber art galleries in and out of town. 

I knew I needed stand out from the rest of the artists on there asking for donations, so I decided to take a risque' twist in my campaign full of sexual innuendos to make people laugh and smile and hopefully... reach DEEP down into their pockets and donate. 

Follow my progress and donate here: Sexy Artist Needs Helping Hand 
Support the arts and let's make this happen!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Revamping my blog

I'm going to be revamping my blog design soon. Making it fresh. In the meantime I thought it appropriate to post as I haven't in a LONG time.  Currently I'm creating a December art show. Still searching for the perfect venue to display my pieces. A lot of creation and free energy floating around in my head. I'm very excited about this time.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Art Review by PhoenixAngel

I just got my review in by the fantastic writer and blogger PhoenixAngel!
Her blog is at this link: http://howsthatforesoteric.blogspot.com/

Here's her review :-) ....

Lisa’s art touches me. The images and colors makes me want to create
something myself because her paintings inspire me. One can tell she draws
something directly from her soul, channels this essence into paintbrush and
manifests it to color and Light. Lisa captures those surreal images that we can
only see in dreams: beautiful, haunted or dare I say, scary. Dreams vanish too
quickly from our memories and leave us hanging. We all long to see the dream
once more because it is an intangible piece of our spirit. Lisa has captured
that intangible piece of spirit in her paintings.

Thank you PhoenixAngel!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just came across this nifty site called pintestest.com and decided to join it. Please follow me on there and pin you're favorite artwork of mine onto your boards :-)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Day Christmas Sale!

Two day Christmas sale! Buy one get one free! Just put in the notes section which free print you'd like with your purchase. Happy Holidays!