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Lisa Little Quotes

"Nothing is more inspiring than life". ~Lisa Little

"My visions come to me like a vivid dream. The images flow and unfold through my paint brush onto canvas." ~Lisa Little

"Just sometimes when we're fated with the depths of tragedy and dispair an Inner Warrior is evoked leading us to the path of our destiny." ~Lisa Little

"The true act of love seeks no reward in the end. The true act of love is done out of compassion for another. To sincerely want to see the other happy and well." ~Lisa Little

"The art in me will never die, for it is a part of my soul and very being. It's my talent, my eyes, my inspiration, it is my world. I am art and art is me." ~Lisa Little

"There's nothing more exhilarating than making love to canvas".~Lisa Little

"Paintings are intense emotions locked onto canvas"~Lisa Little

"There's no mistakes during the process of painting...only discoveries".~Lisa Little

"The world is a little bit darker for some than others and we need to keep that in mind to create a world just a bit brighter." ~Lisa Little

"Fullfilling my dreams one brush stroke at a time!" ~Lisa Little

"It's really hard to hear criticism when you're on cloud nine." ~Lisa Little

"Looking up vs. looking down. Take the complexity out of it and look around" ~Lisa Little

"Washing your paws of all your sins, will never wash away the beast within." ~Lisa Little

"Created to create. Now that is awesome!" ~ Lisa Little

"Home is where the heart is...Where is your heart?" ~Lisa Little