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Sunday, July 31, 2011


The first of my new collection Derealization. When Derealization occurs a person may feel disconnected from reality and the world around them. Derealization disorder or an artist...perception and the layers of the human mind are a very interesting thing.

My painting Overflow came to me as a visualization of the overlow of emotions that I have been feeling recently. The mind, body, and soul can only bear so much before it must be released. And as a gift unto the world and myself I have released just this as an object for all of you to see. Enjoy.

Into the mind of the Artist. Human Chrysalis

I'm so pleased to to reveal my new painting Human Chysalis: Cycle of the Soul!
My painting is about the cycle the soul goes through to truely transform itself. If you've studied the chakras you'll know that there are seven of them. Each phase and cycle, just like a moon cycle that I've painted represents a chakra. You'll notice only 5 cycles above the "Full moon" This is because I've combined Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra and Ajna: The Brow Chakra together. Sahasrara is considered to be the chakra of pure consciousness. Ajna involve balancing the higher & lower selves and trusting inner guidance. I believe these last two steps combined truely respresent the death and rebirth of your inner soul. A brighter vibration for all to see. Enjoy! ~ Lisa Little

Inner Warrior

"Just sometimes when we're fated with the depths of tragedy and dispair an Inner Warrior is evoked leading us to the path of our destiny." ~Lisa Little

Emotional Vomit

Emotional Vomit

It's Emotional Vomit so you say,
Emotional Vomit and you stay away.
But I bare to differ you Indifferent Man,
It was my heart I spilled to you!
Don't you understand???
The story was shamed from the world,
And all I could do was cry and curl.
I trusted you with a piece of me,
and all you suggest is "Let it Be"???
But I have to tell, tale, my heart...
Everyone needs to see!
Because if no one knows...

~Lisa Little

Spring Eternal

Spring Eternal

Eternally Spring within my soul.
Rebirth, blossoming, growing vibrations.
Listen to the whispers of my soul essence.
Walking the spirit path of Destiny.
~Lisa Little