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About the Artist

I was born with the gift of art. As a child my mother could see my talent and creativity and gave me many opportunities to develop my skills. I was enrolled in many art classes and camps and privately tutored by my Aunt Dorothy whom is also an artist. I grew up in San Diego,Ca and studied at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy and the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. I love to create all forms of art, but my passion is using acrylic paints on canvas. I now reside in Bakersfield,Ca with my husband and four beautiful children, pursueing my career as an artist.

My paintings are inspired by my life experiences. "Nothing is more inspiring than life." I consider myself very spiritual and a deep thinker. My goal as an artist is to inspire people and for them to find the secrets of their souls through my art. "My visions come to me like a vivid dream. The images flow and unfold through my paint brush onto canvas."