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Journal: New Name and Evolution as an Artist


Good Morning friends!

 I'm just sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and I thought I'd give you an update on the types of paintings to come.  If you followed me before under the name Lisa Small, you'd notice most of my paintings were all very dark and tragic. I call that collection Shadow. Because all of those paintings derived from the Shadow of my soul. If you've ever studied Carl Jung and his theories on the human psyche you'd find that "the shadow" is the part of the unconciousness that contains everything that you have repressed and shoved away. It's the place where you bottle your emotions and carry trauma, your shame, and old emotional wounds. However, the shadow doesn't have to be a bad place. Within you're shadow are glimples of light and genius ideas that maybe society has feared or shamed you from birthing into the world. My collection "Shadow" is a collective of emotions I could not bare to hold inside and as the paradox of it all,  I have shown you the beauty within the dark.

As my soul has gone through the process of evolution, a sorta human chrysalis and transformation, I have dropped the name Lisa Small and now go by the name Lisa Little which I intend to keep permanately as my new artist name. The name Lisa Little was birthed from the mouth of Nichole Ferguson a creative inventor all in her own! Thank you Nichole for all the ingenious names you come up with! My new collection is called Evolution: Alchemy of the Soul, which will represent rebirth and transformation. I thank you for following my blog. Stay Tuned!